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directions: copy this application into an email and send it to us at the email address above.


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which ordination are you seeking (mpm® or hpm®)?

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  1. we have the right to express our views, religious and otherwise, in keeping with our first amendment rights.
  2. we reserve the right to refuse to ordain or to drop from our list of ministers anyone whom we believe to be unsuitable for the position.
  3. we are not messianic jews. we will drop from our list of ministers anyone who misrepresents this fact.
  4. ordination from many paths ministry® does not qualify you for any particular licensure or practice. you must look to your state laws for any legal requirements. our ministry is intended for personal spiritual and religious development.
  5. by enrolling in many paths ministry®, you are requesting to transact business with many paths ministry® in the commonwealth of massachusetts.

i have read the above policies of many paths ministry and i understand them and agree to the terms.

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